What Does It Mean When Asked To Describe The 'Physiological' Effects Of Something? I Have Been Asked To Describe This In Relation To Someone's Skin After A Facial Treatment? (I Am Studying Beauty At College)


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Physiology is just the science to do with the processes of life in animals and plants, so physiological effects are effects on the body/ living organism, much the same as physical effects. (People sometimes make a distinction between physiological (body) and psychological (mental) effects.

So I suppose if you think about what a facial treatment would do to the person's skin, you are talking about the effects of removing outer layers, treating the skin with whatever substances you use, putting on ointments or creams etc (you may have gathered that I'm not up on the terminology!) - what exactly happens to the person's skin (and maybe under it as well) when these treatments are applied to it? Both short-term and long-term effects I would think, depending on the question (physiological can be both.)

Hope this helps.

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