Can Men Wear Ladies' Swim-Wear?


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A guy can wear ladies' swimwear, although some consideration should be put into the exact type.

Can guys wear ladies underwear?
If you're asking whether it's physically possible for a guy to squeeze into female swimwear, the answer really depends on the shape and design of the garment in question.

Without going into too much anatomical detail, certain of the more revealing types of swimwear might not fit a man. Most bikini bottoms wouldn't provide enough cover for a man's crotch area, and one-piece swimsuits are quite snug-fitting.

If you're considering wearing a two-piece, then the top half won't fit correctly unless you're suffering from gynecomastia (the medical term for man boobs) or have undergone breast augmentation.

In short, swimwear is designed to be gender-specific. All social and cultural aspects aside, wearing female swimwear might also be uncomfortable.

However, some men don't really mind the inconvenience as long as they're looking good - in fact, some male to female transvestites actually enjoy the restriction that this type of clothing creates.
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To be honest, I think everyone can wear anything. Men can wear women's clothes and vice versa, but we choose not to because we have a choice and we know what we should wear.

Men can wear ladies swim-wear if they want to, but they may find it uncomfortable...
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Hell yes!
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No, they can't.

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