Do Women Like To See Men Wear A SPEEDO?


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Why can women wear the skimpiest bathing suit and it is Ok but men are expected to wear baggy shorts past their knees?  Why do so many women and men love to call other men gay?  Do they really think that if a man wears a bikini then he is gay?  Are all Brazilian men gay?  Long baggy shorts at the beach are uncomfortable and you cannot get a tan on your legs.  I think it is ridiculous that so many men and women are so uptight and have this double standard. Maybe the women should be held to the same standard, see how they like wearing long baggy shorts to the beach.
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I think the question needs to be restated. Do women like exhibitionists? The answer will be no. It is a double standard, as many women wear age inappropriate and weight inappropriate clothing just about every wear. Personally I don't care.

The few place answer are wore are lap swimming, Olympics on TV (Swim meets are not on TV), and public beaches. All are technically OK, but public beaches are for fit men. Answer should not be made above size 32/34.

I do swim and wear square cut and could care less in the pool. I have wore them, to hot yoga. That would be about it.
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A speedo doesn't do justis to a man in my opinion, not at all, but to each is his own..some woman would like it on a man...some not so much.

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