What Does A Woman Who Is 5'5" And 180 Lbs Look Like?


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  • What will a woman who is 5'5 look like?
5'5 is a pretty average height for a woman. The average height of women varies between countries due to genetic differences, but for the majority of western women 5'4 is the average height, which would make 5'5 ever so slightly taller than average.

  • What would a woman who is 180 pounds look like?
180 pounds is also quite an average weight for a woman or perhaps a little higher. In stone that is 12.85 stone and it is 81kg.

  • What would a woman look like who is 5'5 and 180 lbs
A woman who is 5'5 and 180lbs would look quite average or slightly curvier than average. According to a BMI calculator, a woman who has these measurements would technically be over-weight and could do with losing about a stone and a half.

The reason that this woman would still be average even though she is over-weight is because a vast majority of the Western world are over-weight and we have become so used to it that it now appears normal when someone is over-weight.

  • Average sizes and body images
It can be difficult to say what size is average for either a man or a woman, because we are all so different. There are recommended guidelines as to what you should weigh, but these can sometimes be misleading, as muscle can weigh a lot more than fat. If someone is extremely muscular, a BMI calculator could tell them that they are overweight.

It is best to gauge your size on what you are happy with. If you are happy with the way your looks than it is best to ignore what people consider to be 'perfect body sizes'. If you are not happy with your body you should work on eating healthily and exercising regularly. You may need to increase or decrease the amount of calories you take in to achieve the body shape you desire.
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She is a thick woman around size 14-16 in clothes .. If you like thick she is perfect
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I'm even shorter 5'4", I weigh 185ish pounds and I only wear a medium shirt and size 11-12 jean.
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Size 11-13
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Your ideal weight would be 125 lbs (for a medium frame) so below 105 lbs or above 145 lbs could be regarded as underweight or overweight. You are probably about 35 lbs overweight.Here are BMI Calculator through which you calculate  bmi for men,women also all the body mass index calculations.

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A Woman with  5'5" height is quite pretty but her ideal weight should from 121 lbs to 149 lbs.

Try this BMI Calculator to calculate your waist to height ration instantly.

Good Luck!

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Check out this site.  It's a photographic height/weight chart.  It's pretty interesting.
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A big women I'll tell you that.

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