What Does A 5' 1" Woman Weighing 180 Lbs. Look Like?


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The woman will look like any woman who is carrying excess body fat. Generally a high proportion of women carry excess body weight after they have given birth. The ideal healthy range of weight for a woman of this height ranges between 97.9lb and 132.3lb. Anything above or below that is not considered healthy and her BMI (Body Mass Index) will classify her as obese.

Being obese brings with it a wide range of potential health risks such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and joint pain as the joints become pressurised due to the excess weight they are having to sustain on a daily basis. Other risks include potentially suffering a stroke, heart attack, infertility and worryingly her life could prospectively be shortened by nine years if this condition is not addressed.

To tackle this health problem and to get the woman’s BMI back to a healthy range it is necessary for her to lose weight in a healthy manner. Too many people are trying popular weight loss quick fixes such as diet pills, drinks and in extreme circumstances they are opting for surgery such as gastric band fittings. These may address the problem on a short-term basis but research has found that the weight will go back on as quickly as it was lost, and even more added to the person.

It is more sensible to lose the weight slowly by joining groups such as WeightWatchers and Slimming World, increase the daily exercise and start to live a healthier lifestyle by cutting out the fattening foods, alcohol and processed meals. Although some women are happy to be overweight it is important that they know the full facts and hazards of being obese for their future.
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I'm 5'1 and 180!   I have had weight problems all my life where my weight bounces up and down.  To be honest and perfectly blunt, I feel I'm a heck of a lot prettier than a lot of skinny girls.  I have a great face, a great personality, and a great body.  It might not be everybody's idea of beauty, but I like myself at any weight.  It's a matter of confidence!  It also doesn't hurt to know what clothes look good on your body type.  Don't hide behind baggy clothes. Show off those curves!
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I'm 5'2" and 180lbs, and am in the same place. But you know what? There are many days I can look in the mirror and say "I'm freakin hot" and those are the days other people think so, too. Confidence goes a long way, baby. The exercise I've never been able to commit to long-term has still left me strong and flexible. My partners and I have always been active and satisfied.
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The internet may have pictures of women with the height and weight you want to see.
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Well it would really depend how you carry your weight. I'm 5'1'' and it is hard for us to make everything stretch out so that you can see the body part individually, I don't know if anybody can really understand what I'm trying to say. Well either way 180 is considered overweight for the height of 5'1'' and it does not really matter what you look like to others, but you should want to be healthy.
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I am almost the same.  I know that everywhere they say that for "x" height you should weigh "y" amount, but the body is built differently.  I know it's almost impossible for me to loose a whole lot of weight, and even if I did my shape would be practically the same due to my hips.  Sometimes I think that I look better during the times when I weigh on the heavier side!
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I'm the same at 180 and 5'1" and no one believes that I weight that. I wear a size 10 -doesn't sound right does it? The usual guess is about 150 so it really matters how your body uses the weight. Everyone says I must be strong. Even a nurse was wrong when she was weighing me and I had to tell her to move the 50 lb marker over. She was going to just go from the 100 lb weight and move the little thingie. She gave me a weird look when I told her that she needed to add more weight. She didn't believe it. So, don't just look at those height/weight things - get to a size you like. You know what I mean? Ha! Love yourself! I'm learning to!
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Yes according to your weight the height should be greater than 5' 1''. You must lose weight to look attractive. If you are smart and active then 5' 1'' is not bad for a woman. But if you have some weight then you will not look good with this.
You look small with 5' 1'' and 180 lbs weight. Do exercise and eat balanced diet.

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