What Is The Best Mascara Brand?


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I use Dior Show mascara - it's the best I've found!
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I get through a lot of mascara - it never seems to last very long, and it tends to be pretty expensive, too. My current favourite is the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara.

Thick Mascara

I used to use Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara in black. It's just under £10, but it's a bit too thick and heavy for my liking, and always felt a bit sticky. Sometimes I'd have to use a second, dryer mascara brush to de-clump the mess left by this one.

I've tried loads of different brands, but never stuck with one out of anything more than habit until I ended up with the Rimmel one (pictured) by accident.

Personal Favourite: Rimmel

Surprisingly enough, my current favourite is one I first bought because I needed a new mascara for that evening and didn't have time to leave campus to buy one. There was a Rimmel make-up stand in the paper shop, so I picked up this Sexy Curves mascara in black for about £8.

It's a really light mascara, but makes your lashes look longer as it doesn't weigh them down. It looks natural, doesn't cause my lashes to stick together, and I don't find myself wanting to rub my eyes by late afternoon. 

I think this mascara might actually last a little longer than other brands I've tried in the past, too! The brush isn't big, but it does a good job, and you don't even need to use that many layers to make a difference. I naturally have quite thick, dark eyelashes (I think it comes with being dark-haired!) so all I really need is one to make them seem longer and curvier.

I think, where makeup is concerned, the best thing to do is just keep trying different brands until you find one you like. Don't feel you have to use the same brand for everything, either - unless there's a 2-for-3 offer on in store, in which case it often pays to do so!

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I watch a lot of videos on youtube about make up and having heard it mentioned over and over again, I went out and bought Maybelline Falsies mascara. It is actually amazing and has been a must have for me ever since. I still have a couple of old favourites though that I can't forget about. When you don't want a really dramatic lash, just day to day, Benefit They're Real is really good, and I love the packaging too! Also, Avon Colour Trend Plump Out mascara. It's an unusual choice but it goes onto the lashes so nicely..

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Like most of the other people on here, I tend to change mascaras quite often, either just to try something new, or because the one I've been using has suddenly started to irritate my eyes.

Using an old mascara gave me an horrendous eye infection some years ago, which damaged my eyes permanently, and so I'm now careful to abide by the rule that you shouldn't use a mascara for longer than three months.

I like most of the ones made by Maybelline, as they seem to cause the least irritation, whereas Rimmel ones almost always make my eyes react, which is really annoying as so many people say Rimmel mascaras are great.

My greatest find in terms of mascara is not a mascara at all - but something you use before putting it on.

It's called "Lash Intensifying Mascara Base" and is made by cult UK brand, Liz Earle.

The company is renowned for the quality of its make-up and cleansers, which are made with as few potentially-harmful ingredients as possible.

You probably all remember the old Bourjois mascara that coated your eyelashes white if you used one end of it, and then black, using the other end, and which made your eyelashes look really long and full?

Well, that was great if Bourjois mascaras agreed with your eyes, but hopeless if it didn't. The fantastic thing about the Liz Earle mascara base is that you can use it to lengthen your eyelashes but then add any brand of mascara you like over the top.

I've found that using it then enables me to use brands of mascara that my eyes would normally react to, without any problems, and it really makes your eyelashes look much fuller and longer too.

It's also stuffed full of natural ingredients to help care for your lashes, so is a win-win product, as far as I'm concerned.

Here's a video of the Liz Earle make-up artist applying the mascara base:

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I have tried many brands but Maybelline Hypercurl Volum' Express  maskara is best for me. The best thing is it is waterproof and stays for the entire day and add volume to the lashes.

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In my opinion, Maybelline makes the best mascara. I have used this brand, and it's really good. 

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