Can Calamansi Whiten Skin?


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Calamansi is a whitening agent that can be used on the underarms, knees, and elbows.

It can be used when you feel your underarms need whitening.

For example, if you were out in the sun too long and your underarms are more tanned than usual you may want to use calamansi. You should use it a few times as per the directions if you buy Calamansi from a store. If you make it on your own then use it once a day for a couple of days. You do not want to use too much and make your underarms even whiter.

  • There are other uses for Calamansi as well.
You can turn calamansi into juice using four to five pieces. By straining it you can add in honey or sugar. It can also be used in ginger tea by adding in a tablespoon of the juice plus a little honey or sugar. Tequila shots, natural air fresheners, deodorizers, and dip can all use calamansi.

It is good as a whitening agent, but it is also good as a food item. Many have used it as a marinade or dandruff treatment. Others use it as bleach, hair highlights, or even eat them on their own.

Most individuals prefer to use calamansi for skin care along with egg white. As an acidic product it has many uses for cleaning and more. It can remove the dead cells allowing new cells to grow in place. It can also unblock the skin to be a natural anti zit product. It has exfoliating properties that rejuvenate the skin and smooth the skin out. For some it has repaired damaged skin and removed premature wrinkles. Calamansi grow in Florida as well as other parts of the world.
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It is supposed to work on all areas of the skin. I can't find any studies claiming that it has any proven benefits, but as it is a fruit based remedy it seems unlikely that it would harm you - though if I were you I would ask a doctor. If you click here you will find a step by step guide to using calamansi to whiten the skin, which applies equally to the armpit area.
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I don't think so.

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