Is Taking A Bath Everyday Not Good For The Skin?


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Bathing isn't going to make the dryness worse. What soap you use is what makes your skin dry.Bathing everyday keeps down the bacteria that naturally grows on the skin. When someone has body odor, what you are really smelling is an excess of bacteria. By bathing you wash away all that excess bacteria. Although the bacteria is naturally occurring, and necessary to our health, it can also lead to infections if not kept at a minimum. Bathe everyday, but use a mild soap that is formulated for sensitive skin and use a GOOD moisturizing lotion after your bath. Don't use perfumed lotions and soaps, but go for products that are of better quality and made for skin health and not just for the smell.
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I agree with the people here in saying that its not so much the bath as it may be the soap you're using. I have really sentive skin so I use dove, you should try that and see what happens. Also once you're dried off try putting some sauve lotion on your skin and see it that helps. I take a shower once to twice a day and have no problem with my skin being dry but sometimes if I use my dad's soap instead of mine its itchy.
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It is not good for your skin because the soap will dry your skin out and could cause itching, peeling, or rashes.
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another thing that is important to remember do not dry your body totally dry it is better to pat yourself dry or if you are not in a rush,use large towels to dry yourself wrap your body in the towel and allow yourself to dry without the wiping and then use your body cream or lotion,for moisture,yes and pick a soap that works for you.
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Taking a bath everyday will probably dry the skin. You have natural oils in your skin. Every time you take a bath some of the oil in your skin gets washed away, leaving it a little dryer than before. Taking a bath every day will make the skin dry.
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No gcroxu... bathing does NOT dry the skin... What dries the skin is the type of soap you use. Yes there are natural oils in the skin.. and its that natural oils that the natural bacteria FEEDS on. All you accomplish by not bathing is allowing growth of bacteria and that bacteria is what makes someone stink when they are dirty. It also promotes infections including Staphylococcus aureus which resides normally on the skin in minute numbers, but if allowed to grow, can lead to serious infections such as MRSA if there is ANY break in the a scratch or a cut. Shall I e-mail you pages from the chapter on skin out of my college anatomy book?
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I thought so, too. But Mati's answer convinced me that it is the soap that causes dryness.

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