What Are Red Dots Around Tattoo?


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some people, (more and more frequently now a days) get nasty reactions from A & D ointment. It has been known to cause little red spots and in those areas the color will bleed out. My suggestion is to stop using th A & D as it really has no value unless infection is present, plus its an ointment, which doesn't allow your skin to breathe as well as with something not petroleum based.... Try using a fragrance free, alcohol free lotion instead... I prefer cruel fragrance free and use it on all of mine, I like it best because the main ingredients are glycerin and water. =) hope this helps.

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It does not sound normal what products are you using on it. You should only be using non scented lotion preferably curel on it as petroleum and oil based products do not allow the skin to breathe. Here is a proper care sheet www.luckyfish.com  If you can please watch the video on there.

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