How To Dress Up Smartly?


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Although most places of work are becoming increasingly flexible and informal in terms of dress code, there are still many who put an emphasis on smart appearance. This is particularly the case in customer or client related organizations and the service sector in general. Going for an interview in particular demands a reasonably smart appearance, as first impressions do tend to go a long way towards success. In view of this, here are a few handy hints and tips how to dress smart:

Males - Work

  • Trousers should be black, grey or blue
  • Shirts should preferably be white, pale grey or pale blue
  • Socks should either match the trousers or be a darker shade
  • Shoes should be black and clean
If wearing a tie is required, there are two possible options:

  • Conservative choice: Blue, grey, a combination of checks and lines
  • Flamboyant choice: Contrasting colors, such as red etc
Suits should be either black or navy blue. The best bet is to have one of each and wear them with different combinations of shirts and ties.

Males - Casual Smart

  • Khaki trousers and light blue or contrast checked shirts are a great conservative look, while jeans and a linen jacket are a little more flamboyant. Those in less than good shape should avoid tight clothing at all cost.
Females - Work

  • A business suit consisting of a blazer and either pants or a skirt are usually the norm, although dresses are fine as long as they are comfortable to wear. Color choices depend on taste, but the rule of matching shoes etc to the outfit still remains.
Females - Casual Smart

  • Again, the choices are endless. The main thing to remember is to trust one's instinct and be comfortable in what is being worn.
A final tip for everyone: Accessorize, but keep it low key.
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