How To Dress Up As A Red-Indian Male?


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A Red Indian costume is an eternal favourite at fancy dress parties and at Halloween. If you are particular about your costume, you have the option of buying a readymade Red Indian outfit and then doing the make up yourself. You can also make your own costume.

To start with, you would need to fashion a multi-coloured feathered Red Indian headdress. Bear in mind the traditional colours of red, black and white. The headgear can have full feathers and sit across the top of your head, progressing down the back. For the outfit, you can cut into fringed slits, the hem of a pair beige or brown shirt. Append a fringe to the pants as well. You can add beads and painted details to make the costume more colourful. A pair of moccasins completes the outfit. Finally, throw in a bow and arrow set and, looks at any picture to paint the face.

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