Do men wear high heels?


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Yes! I am sitting here with my 5 1/2 in Jessica Simpson stilettos on as I type. I absolutely love heels and am 100 percent hetero. I am jealous of all the women in my office who get to wear them everyday in public. I am drawn like a moth to a flame for heels and love shopping with my wife for heels. If only she approved of my wearing them! There is just something about heels ( for me only 4 in. Or above) that is just so sexy! It makes me feel sexy and more in touch with a woman. It is a very empowering feeling. Maybe someday society will quit judging.
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Yes; in fact lots of men would love to wear high heels. Not only Cross dressers or gay (No offence meant) but straight men they enjoy wearing high heels. The main reason for straight men wearing high heels is purely foot fetish/Role Play/BSDM. Those girly shoes must have something that attracts both males & females. Its time when modern shoe designers should focus their attention on male aspect of wearing high heels… An Untouched market $ so far.
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SINCE I become aware of this men wearing hi heels :I look for men wearing hi heel and have never seen it yet. Were would I see this ?
Do you think more men would come out and do the same if they see it ?
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To see men in heels try this site, High Heel Place. The members are mostly men.
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Men do wear heels. A common reason for men wearing women's garments has nothing to do with gender issues.  It is to deal with stress.  More and more men are stating that 'stress relief and relaxation' were some of the effects.
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Yes.  I have 2 pairs of high heeled strappy sandals which I wear frequently at the request of my wife.  I wear them barefoot with shaved legs.  The snapping of the shoes against my soles along with the clacking down stairs draws attention.  All comments have been supportive
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I am a straight men I love towear them also I have already few pairs the I walk out with them my wife like to see me with it I,m a very short men .
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I am a young straight man of 18 and I like to wear high heels. I already have 4 pairs of boots and 4 pairs of shoes and I have to wait 'til I'm alone to wear them. Now I like to wear them I can't describe the feeling they give me, I feel good, and happy like I should wear them, but I also like when women wear them, it is very sexy when they do. But the fact that other people feel it's wrong for men to wear them stops me from telling people I like to wear them. But the question I put to you is is it wrong to wear them or not should I tell people? What should I do? Am I weird or what? Please help me.
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I bought my first pair a month ago, and I love them, but have to wait till I have the house to myself!
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Yes, tranvestites do:) but normal men do not unless they are pretending to be a lady at a costume party hahahahaaha lol

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