Where Can Men Buy High Heels?


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To the woman (I assume it is a woman) who cannot spell the word "wear", gay guys do not wear high heels as a matter of course.  Most guys who wear them (and you will be surprised at the shear number of them) are heterosexual, married men, many with kids of their own.  So moron - stop thinking only gays want to wear heels.  You women have raided our closets for years - and heels were originally for men and you women stole them from us - same as pants - which were men only up until world war II.  

People like you have closed minds.  Stop worrying about masculine or feminine as I have and I know you have seen so many women who are not the epitome of feminine - don't polish their nails, don't wear feminine clothing - I am sure you think nothing of it.  Certainly you don't think they are lesbian.

It is time for guys to stop worrying about their masculinity.  If you show strength you will still be considered masculine - but with heels.  Go for it.
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Some time ago, my husband - who is a couple of inches shorter than I am (I'm 5'10) - bought a pair of men's cuban heeled boots which looked great, but I poked a little fun at him because of the size of the heel (about two inches.) He's a very secure and masculine guy, so he took it in good fun, saying he needed the extra height where he could get it and jokingly suggested he should get a pair of 4" heels so we'd be the same height whenever we went out. While I've always preferred my men to be "manly men", I couldn't pass this up, so for halloween two years ago, we both went out in drag - me in a suit and tie, with a fake mustache, he in a skirt and heels.

I have to admit, I was shocked by how good his legs looked in the shoes. He's got really muscular calves, and the heels really highlighted them. Add to that, he just sort of... Owned it. Guys will often dress up for Halloween in drag (I'm betting it's a time of year a lot of guys look forward to, since I think MANY more men crossdress than we realize) but sort of walk around looking embarrassed, but he didn't care. In fact when we went out the following night, I dared him to wear the heels again with his regular guys' clothes, and he went with it - and got TONS of compliments from women who were impressed that he can not only rock them, but had the self confidence to not care what others thought. (A few guys gave him weird looks, but he'd just point to me and say "she dared me" - at which point they laughed and bought him a beer!)

That was a couple of years ago, and now he owns several pairs of pumps and boots, and wears them like a man. He doesn't crossdress, he has no desire to be a woman, he's just learned to enjoy wearing heels now and again, and frankly I love seeing him in them.

So to those that think it's gay, I can ASSURE you that my husband is ALL man. To those who think he might have a gender issue problem, let me assure you AGAIN that my husband is ALL man.
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I disagree.  I think people want to mimick the gender they adore most.  If a guy wants to wear heels, it is more likely he is heterosexual than gay in my opinion.
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Goes to show just how dumb people generally are.  A gay guy who dresses as a woman often is seeking to transition into a woman (transexual).  Most gay men are the best dressed of men as that is the sex they adore.  A transvestite or crossdresser is often heterosexual.  The term 'vestite' in italian is clothing for the morons that don't understand.  As a straight guy, I like heels and wish I could wear them in public.  But, believe me, I'd rather be fucking a babe who wears the heels I would wear, than wearing the heels myself.
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I love women, love everything about them - I see a gorgeous girl and my little head is twitching before I count to 5.  I tend to want to wear women's clothing, including heels.  I have nothing against someone being gay but the very thought of me (just me) being with a guy is disgusting, being heterosexual.  I can understand people being disgusted with seeing me in heels because I am a guy, but I am not gay.  I just don't think the women can do whatever they want with fashion, and guys can't.
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Only gay guys where high heels! No offense
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I get mine at womens shoe stores. I like to see what I am getting and check for a reasonably good fit. Just tell the sales person they are for you. They don't care. They just want to sell shoes. Half the fun is walking around a womens shoe store in high heels. I find it to be a big turn on. Hope you enjoy your shopping experience.
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You can buy pretty high shows from the above website, they also sell some mens shoes.

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