Are High-heels A Turn On To Men?


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Oh, yes!!

I do find it difficult to buy anything really elegant in my size, however.....
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Hi. R high heelZZ a turn on to men you ask..Do little bears run in the woodz?? Yes high heelz build up a woman for the right man who they are made 4.. Oh you thought the shoes were to focus on just the woman?? THINK AGAIN.. They help a man with the fun of sex in it all to get or stay hard, or call it cycling energy back and forth between man and woman as she images his likeness toward him and he rewards her by growing before her eyez and gives her what she whatz thereafter... High heelz at times cannot even come close to ' sexy ' like stiletto style high heel pumps!! Evil owns nothing and to think that only strippers or porn stars can wear 4" inch stiletto style pumps is completely stupid or YOU ARE the one who has let then again more beautiful things simply handed over to darkness again from complete stupidity.. My .02 cent opinion is for ma girlz 2 be free to wear stiletto supa pumpZZ around the house and yard in private for the fun of it all.. Would be appropriate to leave em' out of public arena for the trouble and fightz it would cause from other men trying to grope women wearing them out like that in public.. Many scenarios in reality are that very beautiful sexy women are a major reason why men carry guns
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There was a survey done by a magazine in the UK and around 55% of men admitted that they did! Generally though most males are embarrassed to admit that inanimate objects made out of leather, plastic and wood can cause them to start to get an erection.

Men are turned on visually; which is a good thing otherwise they wouldn't bother to open up a conversation with women and there would be no relationships and no human race!

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