Is It Ok To Pull Off Or Cut Off Tiny Skin Tags Or Moles?


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It is okay to pull or cut off skin tags, however with moles you have to be more careful. First, let's start with skin tags.
An acrochordon skin tag, or fibroepithelial polyp, is a small benign tumour that forms usually in areas where the skin creases. This is areas such as the neck, armpit and groin. They can occur on the face, usually doing so on the eyelid. They are generally harmless and painless, and shouldn't grow, but they can become irritated by shaving, clothing or jewellery. Usually they are about the size of a grain of rice.
Treatment is unnecessary due to their benign nature, but if they are a frequent irritation - or an aesthetic nuisance - then you can have them removed by a dermatologist; either via cauterisation, cryosurgery, surgical ligation or excision to remove the skin tag. You can, for less hassle, buy an over-the-counter freezing solution, which takes 7-10 days to work.
Moles are not all benign, unlike skin tags, so this is where the issue is. You do not want to attempt removal of a cancerous mole yourself. If you have a mole that is causing you concern, even just cosmetically, you should see a doctor. They will discuss your options and decide if you warrant attention, and you can work towards removal from there. In the UK a mole can be removed by a nurse under local anesthetic in quite a short procedure. The same is done in the US, but by a dermatologist. After removal, your mole will be sent for testing. This is to see if it is cancerous or not. It is this test that could be lifesaving, and had you performed home removal you wouldn't get those results.
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I would speak to your GP about it. Some can come back and be twice as big as they were before unless treated properly. Some can be removed by cutting them off but if they have been there for some time, may have nerves close to them and it would cause considerable pain if cut off.
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I've heard you can wrap string around it tightly until it drops off but I'm not a doctor so I wouldn't recommend it, have you been to see your GP?
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I just pulled mine off it was tiny .. Blood dried up, nothing I think I'm okay as long as you only rip the mole mine was on my chest I don't know if it matters where it is but you might want to see a doctor about how to get it off.

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