I Love Purity Basic Shampoo And Conditioner Could You Tell Me Where To Buy It. I Tried It At A Hampton Inn?


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Unfortunately, the Purity Basics bath and personal care range is designed solely for Hampton hotels, and is thus cannot be purchased from any other high street stockist or outlet. The range is typical of that offered in most hotels i.e. Shampoo, facial soap, moisturizing lotion etc, but is of superior quality to most. A quick Google search reveals numerous requests for where it can be obtained - a highly sought after range of products it seems!

Fear not, you do not have to book yourself into a Hampton Inn this weekend in order to satisfy your hair or skincare needs. Whilst there is no high street stockist for the Purity Basics range, a number of sellers appear to be offering the item on eBay. At the time of writing there are two listings, each for multiple sets of the full PB range.

Failing that, you may have some luck in contacting the supplier. Sysco, the leading hospitality supplier, has the full Purity Basics range listed on its website (here). Try contacting them directly; although it is likely you will have to place a bulk order for any items (the minimum quantity on the website appears to be 500).

The Hampton family of hotels (Hampton Hotels, Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites and Hampton by Hilton) is a trademark of the Hilton hotel group, although few Hampton hotels are owned and run by the Hilton group itself. Most Hampton hotels are franchises, independently owned and run. As of May 2011, there are over 1,700 Hampton hotels worldwide.

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