Is It Worth Buying Expensive Shampoo And Conditioner Instead Of Supermarket Brands?


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The simple answer to this is yes. Although you may find that supermarket brands are better value for money, they can contain ingredients which leave your hair undernourished and over-styled. Many mainstream shampoos and conditioners contain artificial ingredients which create build up. This leaves your hair looking dull and lacklustre. You may have heard that you should rotate your shampoo brands to prevent this from happening, but the general consensus is that even if you change them regularly, they will still not do wonders for your hair over a prolonged period.

Your hair is naturally designed to clean itself, although most of us wouldn't dare to go through the grease-infested smelly process that it takes to reach this point - it is possible, by the way!

The best way to keep your hair in harmony with nature is to invest your hard-earned cash into some quality products. With most things in life, the more you pay for something, the more likely it is to be better made and longer lasting. Expensive shampoo and conditioner needn't be overly priced - you should pay around �20 for a set to get the right quality. Some good brands to go for are ones which use natural ingredients, such as Aveda and Origins. You will only need a very small amount of product, which means the investment will last you longer than your regular dollop of supermarket product.
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I would like to recommend a book (I'm new; Is this allowed?).... Anyhow the title is "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me"... You can get the author's name and info easily, and her website. She has been a featured skin care/skin products/hair care products consultant and guest on TV, and consultant to the cosmetic industry for several years now.
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I have that book and it is a must have for those of us with so many cosmetic , skin and other questions . I love it ! Good goin baloony4 !!
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Is that a rhetorical question?  Look, almost all commercial shampoos have a cheap cleanser and foaming ingredient called sodium laureth sulfate.  It is so bad for your hair.  It is a cleanser used to clean engine parts!  In life and in shampoo you get what you pay for.  I use the best of the best.  A small Manhattan boutique company puts out a shampoo and scalp treatment called Regenepure.  They list all of their ingredients on their website at with nothing to hide and everything to boast about.
The shampoos are around 20-25 bucks for an 8 ounce bottle.  Probably 2X as much as a commercial supermarket brand shampoo.  How bout this, if a larger company tried to pack all the ingredients that are in Regenepure in a bottle they would have to charge 5X as much to make a profit.  Regenepure is the best shampoo and the best kept secret also.  I would rather pay for the ingredients than pay for a commerical supermarket brand shampoos advertising and cheap ingredients that will possibly cause hair loss!
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No, it doesn't matter what you buy in my opinion all shampoos and conditioners are the same I don't think you should go out and buy an expensive shampoo because it says ex:"Will make your hair bouncy and wavy" all shampoos are the same. I went out and bought me this shampoo called "Sunsilk" its suppose to make your hair have some body well I been using it for a week now it doesn't work. I think all shampoos are the same. Or if you want ask your hair stylist and see what they have to say about it.
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I think price really matters. if some brand have high price then they have certainly expansive ingredients. They have sophisticated technology and they have research so I think expansive products have efficiency. It's a matter of brad reputation in customer's mind if they have price and no efficiency. So if they assign a price to a product then they have to give efficiency too.
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I think that there is no big difference between the expensive shampoo and conditioner and normal one the major difference is the price and goodwill but some medicated shampoo are really good like tear free, or shampoo for the peoples who have baldness.

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