How Do I Find My Correct Bra Size?


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To find your correct bra size you will need to take two measurements, and you will need to take these measurements while wearing an unpadded comfortable bra. Take all the measurements in inches, and round up or down to the nearest whole inch.

First of all measure just under the bust. If this measurement is an even number of inches you then add four inches to this measurement, and if it is an odd number of inches you add five inches to this. The figure that you now have is your actual bra size - but we haven't gone into the cup size yet.

Next, measure around the fullest part of the bust to determine your cup size. If this measurement is the same as your bra size, your cup size is A; if one inch more it is a B; two inches more is a C; and so on through D, DD, E, F, FF and G.

The proof of the pudding though, is the comfort of the bra itself, so always try before you buy.
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Majority of women use the wrong size bra. A well fitting bra is not only comfortable but also improves the look of the figure and reduces the chances of backache.

To find the correct size of your bra there are two important things you should know.
1)Band size and
2)Cup size

The band size is the number value of your bra size and the cup size is denoted by a letter. Example: For a bra size '36C', 36 is the band size and C is the cup size.

Stand in front of a mirror wearing a regular bra. Wrap a measuring tape around your chest, below the bust. Keep the tape straight all the way around you and make sure it is not held very tight. Round off the measurement to the nearest even number. This is the band size.

To measure cup size, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust. The difference between this measurement and the above band size is the cup size. Example: If the difference is 0" cup size is AA, if the difference is 1" cup size is A, if the difference is 1" - 2" cup size is B, if the difference is 2" - 3" cup size is C and so on.
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You should get your breasts proffesionally mesured at a bra store that offers it. I got it done a couple weeks ago, I was wearing a 38B and I left with a 36C.. You should try it!

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