I'm Having A Frustrating Problem.....how Do I Keep My Bra Straps Up On My Shoulders?


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I have rounded shoulders (which is the main cause of straps slipping when you move your arms).  Last year, I found this little plastic gadget online called "Embrace" that fits in the middle of the back straps, pulls them together back there a bit, and keeps the straps from falling down!  I use it on two of my bras -- the rest of them don't do that, for some strange reason.  Now, if they would just come up with something to keep the long purse straps from slipping down, I'd buy it in a minute.  Here is the Internet site fro Embrace products:
Hope that helps!
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There's another product you might be interested in, but I haven't tried it yet. It's called Strapsecret (strapsecret.com), and it would work a lot better than hot glue.
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Thank you very much!!!! I'm going to buy 10 of them!
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Here's the deal, I've battled with the same problem forever now,since I'm a Chubby woman I thought that I was just stuck with it.crazily after so long of it I decided to try LOOSENING the straps and wearing the bra a little LOWER around my midriff......it worked ! TRY LOOSENING THE STAPPS AND WEARING YOUR BRA A LITTLE LOWER and see how that helps..
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Thank you for the support ( he he ) I was also thinking about putting a couple dots of hot glue on the straps. Sorta like the no slip slipper socks. I don't want to ruin my bras they are too expensive.

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