How can I tell if I have a real Seiko watch?


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Hi Melissa,

some people think that seeing that Seiko is not a luxury brand, its watches do not easily get replicated.

However, there are loads of fake Seiko watches out there but it is possible to spot them. These are the common features of a fake Seiko:

  • Logo with the wrong font
  • Rough finishing
  • Transparent sticker with red stripe on the caseback
  • "Seiko Japan" written on the bracelet clasp
  • Lack of lume on the dial
  • Real Seiko watches DO NOT have things written like "all stainless steel" or "water resistant" as unique selling point.

Here is a more detailed list with pictures so that you can see if the model you have or want to buy is a fake one.

Remember to look for a guarantee and a serial number just to make sure you're holding the right one! The good thing to know is that fake ones are usually poorly made so it is quite easy to spot them.

Hope this helps!

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