How Do I Tell If My Rolex Is Fake?


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One of the easiest ways to identify a fake Rolex watch is by the case back. Counterfeiters use a clear display, or "skeleton" case back, allowing you to view the inner workings of the watch. Next way to identify fake Rolex watches is the engraved case backs. Again, Rolex watch does not have any engraving like at the case back with logos, hallmarks, or designs. Rare exceptions are ladies' models (prior to the mid 1990's) which had "Original Rolex Design" or a similar disparity thereof, engraved on the case back in an arc way. Also on the Sea-Dweller case backs has "ROLEX OYSTER ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE" etched around the outside of the case back in an arc fashion.Real Rolex models are sent fresh from the factory with a Hologram-encoded (3-dimensional) sticker on the case back. This sticker features the trademarked Rolex "crown" placed above the watch's case reference number.The hologram can be easily recognized by viewing it from different angles, therefore causing the background pattern to change. In fact, imitation stickers are not holograms at all, but rather repetitious "Rolex" pattern which does not vary in appearance when viewed from different angles. And the real Rolex hologram stickers did not mark the "crown logo" as part of the hologram until 2002, when the sticker was spruced up. At the same year also, the Reference number was also altered from gold lettering to black, up until now. For real Rolexes, the crystal (on all latest date models--except the Sea-Dweller) will have a glass bubble, or "Cyclops" fixed to the crystal, positioned above the date: For the purpose of magnifying the tiny aperture and also at 2.5 times magnification.On fake models the date magnification is more like 1.5 times. The date window should virtually "fill up" the Cyclops--the counterfeits don't even come close. Fakes are now marking a new larger font date wheel to give the effect of being magnified at a full 2.5 times.Rolex model mark the Triplock crown (i.e. Sea-Dweller, Submariner, and Daytona) employ an extra seal contained by the threads of the winding crown's tube. This gasket appears like a black o-ring and can be visible when the winding crown is unscrewed fully. Fake models will not include this o-ring seal, but rather will have basic screw-down threads. Some new counterfeits will feature a "similar" looking rubber seal, yet upon examining closely, you will see that it is purely ornamental, and is not functional.With the 3 tiny dots positioned under the trademarked “crown logo of the Rolex, the Triplock crown can be identified by which is engraved on the end on the winding crown.The thickness of the minute hand in the Genuine Rolex Yacht-Master models compared toRolex sports models. Imitators most often than not use the same hands set up on the Submariner. And frequently use hands which are of the wrong size and/or shape. In the genuine Daytona features a "minute" hand which reaches up to the outer "hash" marks. The hands on the fake models are much shorter and the "shape" of the hands is incorrect. Current Daytona models feature hands which are "rounded" on the tips.Rolex Daytona genuine models include mini-registers on the dial which execute Chronograph "stop watch" functions (i.e. Elapsed hours and minutes). In the fake Rolex watch, the large "sweep" hand on the dial is also part of the stop watch function, and acts as non primary second hand-- the second hand is the small 20/40/60 register. However, fake models atypically perform these functions, but somewhat used for "24-hour time", "day of week", and "date". Moreover, on counterfeits, the size and position will often be incorrect of these mini registers.Brand new for 2002, Rolex watch has started micro-etching a tiny "coronet" (or crown) logo into the crystal, at the 6 o'clock position. And probably the most precise way to identify a genuine/counterfeit Rolex watch is by locating the Serial and Case Reference Numbers. These unique identification numbers are etched on the side of the case, located between the lugs.
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Here are some ways you might use to check you rolex watch
Check the back of the watch. If there are any engravings or imprints, be advised that this is not a real Rolex watch. The real Rolex watches have a smooth caseback without any engravings or other markings, not even a logo.
Take the watch to a certified appraiser. This is the only sure way to determine if your Rolex watch is fake or real
Listen for a ticking sound. If the watch ticks, it's a fake. A true Rolex does not make a traditional "tick-tock" sound like most watches.
Locate the serial and case reference numbers that are engraved on the side of the timepiece.
Check the "made in" sign. Most Rolex watches are made in Switzerland, which is indicated by a "Swiss Made" sign near the bottom of the watch.
Check the materials of the watch. A real Rolex is made of either 24K gold, platinum or stainless steel.
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Rolex watches come with a registration certificate and the number is printed on the case.  You can check whether a Rolex is stolen.  There are so many good copies I would make it a condition of purchase that you can get it verified by a registered Rolex agent.
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One clue is how the second hand moves.  If it is a smooth sweeping second hand it may possibly be a real one.  If the second hand "ticks" or jumps - it is a fake.  The price you paid is a good indicator also.  Even a used Rolex is a very high priced watch.  To be absolutely sure, take it to a jeweler.

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