Do eyelashes grow back if cut? Mine were trimmed by mistake when getting eyelash extensions and now they're stumpy!


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Yes they do and I know because I sell a product just for that reason. It's my number one selling lash growth serum. They will grow back on their own, but my serum accelerates growth and makes them even longer than before. I have my own health and beauty business on

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Aw your stuff all looks so amazing! It's nice to see some natural products...problem is I live in the UK so wouldn't be able to get shipping :((
Natalie Jo Price
Here's a little secret, use castor oil. It works well for hair growth. If you can afford it, castor oil when combined with Argan oil is a miracle. Rub it on lashes right after you shower in am and again after washing up before bed. If you use makeup, wait 10-15 minutes for the oil to soak in before putting it on. Hope that helps.
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A common misconception is that if you trim your eyelashes, they will grow faster. This is absolutely wrong. The growth cycle of eyelashes is not the same as that of the hair on our scalp. If your eyelash hair fall off, then they will need several weeks to regrow.

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And older question, but definitely worth a revisit.

Eyelashes are essentially like any other type of hair. It is known that eyelashes grow at a rate of only ¼ inch per month. If your eyelashes break by more than this or equal to this amount, your new growth may not be as noticeable. Genetics will also dictate your individual growth rate.  (From the internet)

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