How To Make A Gumamela Shampoo?


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Gumamela is another name for hibiscus leaves, so if you try performing a search on the Internet for a shampoo recipe with hibiscus leaves then you might have more luck.

Although the thought of making a shampoo out of leaves might seem extremely odd, with the cost of food, groceries and other essentials rising every day, there isn't really a reason not to try it out. Hibiscus or Gumamela shampoo is actually extremely effective, if not more effective than ordinary shop hair products. It is also cheap to make and 100 per cent natural so you are not putting any chemicals into your hair. Below are some easy instructions on how to make shampoo from hibiscus leaves.

  • Step one. The first step is to crush up your hibiscus leaves. You won't need very many so this step should not take you too long.
  • Step two. Add a little bit of water, two tablespoons should usually be enough, and carry on crushing up the leaves. If you have a mortar and pestle then they will be very effective for this step.
  • Step three. This step is optional. If you want to get most of the little bits of leaves out of your solution then you should pour it through a tea strainer. If you don't want to do or if you don't have a strainer, then don't worry about it as all the bits will be rinsed off under the water anyway.
  • Step four. If you wish then you can add a few drops of your favorite type of essential oil. Like the previous step, this one is also optional.
  • Step five. Wet your hair thoroughly and wash it with your hibiscus solution and then rinse off completely with warm clean water. You will notice afterwards that her hair is super soft and shiny!

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