How Did The Victorian People Dress For Dinner?


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The Victorian era refers to the time during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). The middle class would try to adopt the affluent lifestyle of the rich in a social setting, especially during the last few years of the 19h century. Elaborate dinner parties would be scheduled after 6 pm. The dress code was expected to be formal. The ladies would wear low-necked, cleavage-revealing, short sleeved gowns. They would wear gloves which were to be removed when they would dine. The dress material would be of chiffon or delicate muslin. Men would don fine linen and dark broadcloth. Matrons would wear satin clothes with embroidered laces.

Following the death of her husband Prince Albert, Victoria's son Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and his wife Alexandra administered the public affairs. The prince was a stickler for house parties. Giving a house party to the Royal Highness was an expensive proposition. The hostess would make the guest list and get royal approval. The women who would attend the house party had to have 4 or 6 changes of clothes every day during the party. You can imagine how much expenditure the guests had to incur, leave alone the hostess! The party would last from Friday to Monday. The men had to wear their medal and women had to be dress elegantly in full evening wear, shimmering jewellery and tiaras.
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Nyala has the right idea. Women also wore extremely tight corsets with metal in them which made their waist about half the size of what it would be today, that's also why Victorian women fainted so often, because if they were in shock they simply couldn't breathe through such a tight corset and they also couldn't bend down properly which is why Gentlemen had to open doors, pick things up for the women and all that. Gentlemen wore tailored suits and top hats.
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Long dresses, humped at back. Headdresses.
Rags. Maid hats.
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It was a very ornatte style of dress, with big frills and corsets.

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