How Do You Take Over Spray Of Mystic Tan Off?


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Every spray tan I've had this year has gotten splotchy and "line-y" in about 5 days and it looks horrible......I tried exfoliating it off but I have sensitive skin and it made me get scabs and irritated skin. The best way to get it off, it really works and doesn't tear up your skin. MR CLEAN SPONGE. No irritation and comes right off! I put a creamy bath wash on first and let it sit then scrub it at a medium tension. Fab!
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You can't. Only time will remove a spray tan, so if it is done badly or with streaks or it's too dark, there's nothing you can do. If you got too much of a sunless tan, you can try exfoliating  with a brush, or use a cream with AHA's, but it should be gone in about a week on it's own.
Anyone considering airbrush tanning should let the salon or spa people know how much of a tan they want. Generally it's a good idea not to go too dark  with a mist-on tan or it looks unnatural. For best results,  use mositurizers beforehand for a week to smooth the skin. More information is at  Airbrush, Spray-On or Mist-On Tan
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Use a lemon and salt body scrub. Make sure to get you elbows and knees really good. There is usually the most build up in these areas. Good luck

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