What Preparations Do I Need To Make Before A Spray Tan?


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Before getting a spray tan done, it is crucial to make yourself ready for the tan. How you prepare can make a difference between a good spray job and a bad one.

Exfoliate before a spray tan:

It is important to exfoliate before taking a spray tan. Spray tan affects only the dead cells of the skin. Ours skins have layers of dead cells. If this layer of dead cells it thick, the spray on tan would come off sooner. Therefore it is important to exfoliate before spraying session. Exfoliation removes dead cells from the skin. The layer on the skin would then be very think resulting in the tan to last longer. The best exfoliators are the ones especially made for tanning sprays. These do not contain any kinds of oils or moisturizer.

Do not wear any make-up or body spray:

It is a good practice not to wear any moisturizer or make-up as you never know how their contents would react with the tanning spray. The tanning spray usually contains aloe vera that would moisturize your body.
Never wear any kind of body spray or deodorant before a spraying session. There are some that prevent the tanning solution from going through, but there are others that will turn your under-arms green.

Wax or shave before a spray on tan:
If you need to wax or shave your arms and legs, it is important to do it before a tanning spray. Doing it later would take off some of the tan. If you have waxed, it is important to make sure that you wash up to remove any of the wax residues.

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