How Do You Fit Skirting Boards?


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Skirting boards are made of wood or plastic. They are used to protect the bottom and corners of walls from wear and tear or damage. These days the skirting boards that are available and common measure around 125 mm to 150 mm.

The trickiest part of fitting one of these skirting boards is to fit them around corners. The angle or mitre at which these boards are cut round corners varies on the angle of the wall. Those that have square corners measuring 90 degrees need an angle of 45 degrees, 30 degrees requires 15 degrees and so forth.

A similar sized piece of wood is used to make the markings before cutting the skirting boards. Depending on the material of the wall the skirting boards are fitted accordingly. Timber walls require them to be nailed, brick ones require timber plugs and clinker blocks require them to be fitted with plugs and screws.

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