What Type Of Sunglasses Wears Olivia Benson In Svu?


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After much research it seems this information is not currently available. But you could look at to the actress who plays Olivia Benson's website, and then click on the contact page. Send a message asking if they would be able to let you know what type of sunglasses she wore in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mariska Hargitay is the youngest daughter of screen legend Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay. She divides her time between New York and Los Angeles. The UCLA graduate speaks Hungarian, French and Italian.

Hargitay is married to actor Peter Hermann, who starred in the Universal/Working Title’s United 93, and who has a recurring role on SVU as attorney Trevor Langan. The couple has a son, August Miklos Friedrich Hermann.

Hargitay is also known to NBC viewers for her recurring role on ER as Dr. Greene’s (Anthony Edwards) girlfriend Cynthia Hooper in the 1997-98 season of the top-rated show.

She also gained notice as a cast regular in the sitcom Can’t Hurry Love with Nancy McKeon and Louis Mandylor. Additional television credits include guest roles on NBC’s Seinfeld, Ellen and thirty-something, and starring roles on Falcon Crest and Prince Street. Hargitay was also seen in the telefilms The Advocate’s Devil and Night Sins, as well as the Lifetime movie Plain Truth.

Her film credits include the thriller Lake Placid written by David E. Kelley and starring Bridget Fonda, the critically acclaimed Leaving Las Vegas, David Lynch’s Hotel Room, Bob Fosse’s Star 80, and Michael Rymer’s Perfume.
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A lot of people are trying to find this out, but there seem to be no confirmed answers at the moment. You could look on the actress;s website (Mariska Hargitay) and try leaving her a message or getting in touch with other fans through the site. Otherwise you cuold ask the question again a bit later - sometimes this kind of news takes longer to get on line.

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