Is Bepanthen Cream OK To Use On A New Nose Piercing?


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Yes, in fact the antiseptic cream is widely recommended for people who just had piercings and tatoos. Very important to have no soap residue on your skin before you apply it, though.

Also make sure that you are not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients: especially almond oil, lanolin and D-panthenol (a type of Vitamin B5). Sometimes you can find this product without lanolin, making it suitable for vegans.

The active antiseptic (anti-bacterial) is benzalkonium chloride. This anti-bacterial is inactivated -- made so it won't work -- by soap, hence why you must rinse all traces of soap from your hands and your nose before applying the cream.

That said, you could probably get just as much anti-bacterial action from rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit), hydrogen peroxide, TCP or another brand of mild skin disinfectant.
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Hi there,
The only thing you should be using on a fresh piercing is sea salt solution and maybe a little tea tree oil. Your piercer should have explained the after care with you.

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