How Can I Advertise My Online Clothing Store?


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Get inside your customers head, appeal to their emotions, greed, fear, vanity, etc.

Use showmanship, make a stunt in public that's going to capture people's attention(Pt Barnum)
Give people an outstanding offer the first time they see you, like two clothes for 1, Make a press release. Create a video on youtube with models wearing your clothes, doing some funny things. (Make it look like they are not models, but just average people who are having fun.) Put some emotion into the movie. And then call to action, tell people to go to your websites if they want to finally start dressing themselves like a goddess, etc...

Vey important. Your advertisement must have a unique angle, why do people have to wear your clothes? What makes your product so unique they simply must have it? What it is the concept of your business that separates you from everybody else?
You got to be able to answer that question before you do any advertising.

1. Study great advertising. Cause your ability to succed with your business really comes down to your ability to sell.
A good book I'd recommend if you want to learn how to sell is:
Robert Colliers Letter Book.
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Well there are many different ways via which you can advertise and promote your online clothing store.

Start off by placing ads on online web-sites about your store; make sure you select a web-site which gets you maximum hits for your ad. You can also place ads in your local news papers, describing the outlet and the type of clothes available. Try placing advertisements out side local grocery stores so that people in your neighbourhood come to know about your outlet.

Though giving ads on television is quite expensive, if you can afford it then try giving ads on television about your outlet. I believe the best way to advertise and promote your outlet would be through television as it has a much wider audience base and promotes the brand in the perfect way.
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You need to advertise your store on social media along with that you can also place ads or intro video on youtube and also on your web page.

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The following are many ways through which you can promote your clothes online

1. First create your website which is SEO optimized and follow all the guidelines.

2. Then Find the targeted audience and targeted location for your online store.

3. After selecting this add your products/Services in Google Local Listings and also remember to add review section with your products because Google rank that websites more which have good review from clients.

4. First try to rank your store in your targeted location and after this you can widen you area .

Hope you are satisfied with my answer.

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This new website is looking for clothing advertisers and are running a special something about the intervier can wear the clothes when he/she interviews celebritys... Ikn the full details but thats all I know, go to and click at the bottom on advertise.

Hope this helps

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