Where Can I Find (the Comedian)Monique's Clothing Line BBLI?


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The initials of the stand up comedian Monique's (known as Mo'Nique to fans) fashion line BBLI stand for 'Big, Beautiful and Loving It'. The idea behind the clothing line was the sell affordable clothing for women of sizes 14-32. It opened in 2000, however the company closed down two years later, in 2002. There were plans to revamp the line in 2003, giving the name Mo'Nique, but there seems to be no record of this going ahead. The likelihood of finding any items from the line to buy is very slim. However there are books and DVDs released by the comedian herself available to buy in shops and over the internet, as well as similar clothing lines for that size range. These include Yours (, Simply Be (, and Oxendales ( Each of these stores offer plus size clothing for women sizes 14-32: There are many more companies which stock similar items. Happy shopping!
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The comedian Monique's full name is Mo'Nique Imel. She is an American Comedian, actress and a television host. She was born in December 1867 in Maryland. She started her career in the year 1999.

Mo'Nique does not have a clothing line as yet. She has been very open about setting out her proper clothing line, however, that idea has not been converted into reality as such. You will be able to find scams around the internet selling her fake clothing line, however they are all a scam.

However, she is currently selling only one item that is Jeans. It is branded as Mo'Nique FAYT Girl Jeans. You can find it on her official
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Oh yes she has a new line coming out, the webb page isn't complete yet, but its coming soon!!!!!
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"Monique's BBLI" is a clothing line introduced and owned by actor and comedian Monique and her sister Millicent. In this name the BBLI stands for Big, Beautiful and loving it, just the way Monique puts it. She is an amazing woman and so are her cloths. These cloths have been designed by her and are all based on the custom made costumes that Monique herself wears on the stage during her shows. This brand is not easily available at stores. It is still possible to find them in the USA but you will face a difficulty if you live abroad.

There is no information about where you can buy the cloths but I can give you some contact information for the company as there is a possibility that they only custom make their costumes. Try phoning this number to contact Millicent at 877-793-2254, or you can also write in to them at Monique's BBLI 6047 Tampa Ave. Ste. 302 Tarzana, CA 91356
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Here is the LINK... I just found it myself and there is not much on the site but like 3 pairs of jeans for $100... LOL I was like c'mon MO...
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Interesting. Back in 1999 or so, Monique had a catalog with beautiful clothing ... wonder what happened.
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I was looking for it myself but I can't find anything on it maybe she never released it which is a shame but I do have some plus size clothing at my store I am always looking for new idea's in plus size clothing at affordable prices

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