How To Make Perfume Without Alcohol?


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How to Make Alcohol Free Perfume With Natural Essential Oils
By J. Michelle

eHow Contributing Writer

Article Rating:  (1 Ratings) In perfumery, alcohol is used as a preservative and to help disperse the scent. As the alcohol evaporates it sends molecules of the scent into the air. It is possible, and perfectly acceptable, to make perfume without alcohol by using a carrier oil instead. A carrier oil is any vegetable-based oil into which you blend your essential oils and other fragrances. Because they don't disperse as easily, perfume oils tend to linger on the skin longer, and smell stronger than alcohol-based perfumes.
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.Difficulty: ModerateInstructions.Things You'll Need:
•For Liquid Perfume Oil:
•1/2 oz brown glass bottle
•Measuring spoon
•Liquid carrier oil
•Essential oils
•Eye Droppers
•For Solid Perfume:
•One-quart double boiler
•One-ounce (or smaller) glass jar
•Measuring spoons
•Liquid carrier oil
•Silicone spatula
•One-cup glass measuring cup
•Essential oils
Liquid Perfume Oil
1Sterilize the brown glass bottle, and cap by immersing them in boiling water for 10 minutes. Put both the cap and bottle upside down on a clean towel to dry.

2Add three-quarters tsp. Of carrier oil to the clean glass bottle.

3Add the essential oils to the carrier oil. If the oils do not come in dropper-top bottles, use a separate eye dropper for each oil.

4Put the cap on the bottle and roll the bottle between your hands to blend the scent.

5Test the scent by waving the bottle under your nose. Add more oils, if desired.

Solid Perfume Oil
1Fill the bottom of the outer pot of the double boiler with enough water to just touch the bottom of the inner pot. Remove the inner pot and bring the water to a boil.

2Immerse the jar and lid in the boiling water for 10 minutes. Put both the lid and the bottle upside down on a clean towel to dry.

3Keep the water boiling and put the inner pot into the double boiler. Add two tbsp. Of grated beeswax to the inner pot. When the beeswax melts, add two tbsp. Of carrier oil.

4Mix the oil and beeswax with the silicone spatula, until thoroughly blended. Add one tbsp of distilled water to the oil mixture and mix with the spatula. Pour the oil mixture into the glass measuring cup. Scrape the pot with the spatula to get all of the oil.

5Let the mixture cool slightly and add two tsp. Of your essential oil. If you are blending essential oils, blend them separately then add two tsp. Of the blend to the oil mixture. Pour the mixture into the glass jar and let it set.
.Tips & Warnings
In perfumery, the fragrance possibilities are endless. Experiment with your favorite scents to make your own signature fragrance..Store your perfume oil in a cool, dry place and discard after 12 months.
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There are lots of scented oils that are actually better than perfume. Scented oils last much longer, are cheaper than perfume, come in a lot more scents, and they have all of the popular perfume scents available. These are popular in the African American community, so if you live in a big city you can easily find them. You can also mix your own scents. Checkout this website on Scented Body Oils and maybe look at some others.
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