How Do I Make A Homemade Hair Perfume?


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Sudipa Sarkar answered
Instead of going to parlour every time, you can try the following method to prepare a highly aromatic and exotic hair perfume for you. All you need is 6 tbsp powdered charcoal, 5 tbsp myrrh powders, 1 tbsp powdered benzoin, 1 tbsp potassium nitrate, 2-3 drops oil of bergamot, 2-3 drops of sandalwood oil and mucilage of tragacanth. Now mix the powders together and colander, and then add the oils. Now add the potassium Nitrate and mix it. Then add plenty mucilage of tragacanth to make it a stiff paste. Now heat the combination over a water bath and then make into little cones and dry. Now light one of the cones and let the smoke get into the wet hair. Enjoy the smell!

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