How Can I Store Mink Coats?


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Mink is best stored away from light, humidity and heat. It should be kept away from direct sunlight as well. Generally the humidity within a home is enough to cause some damage to the fur. It is also necessary to make sure that chemical substances like camphor balls not be placed near the fur. In cramped places like tiny closets and chests there is also the possibility of humidity accumulating. A plastic wrap would have been ideal but then experts suggest that the fur needs to breathe to preserve quality. A cloth covering can be used; if plastic is used then the coat should be used or aired once in a while to allow it to breath.

The best option is to give your fur to a professional furrier to store in long spells of disuse. These furriers also specialize in cleaning, glazing and conditioning the fur. Their storage facilities are temperature and humidity controlled.
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Adding to the answer already given, there are many furriers who do fur storage and fur cleaning that are more than happy to take the problem of your coat's maintenance off your hands.  It is much easier and less stressful to leave it under the care of professionals.

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