My Youngest Daughter Has Her Belly-button Pierced And Was Told By Her P.e Teacher To Remove It For Trampolining As This Was Against The Rules And Regulations, Can't They Just Have It Well Padded And Wear A Jumper Or Do They Have To Remove It ?


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That is why you are supposed to be 18 to get any body piercings other than in your ears....even then, you are supposed to have an adult accompany you. It is also against rules and regulations to keep earrings in.But then again, if the teacher can not see it, they should not know about it
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The issue isn't seeing it. The issue is that if she's wearing it, even with padding, there is a chance that she'll do something or something will happen and she will get hurt. AKA It will be ripped out and it's just safer if she takes it out. It's not that hard.

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