I Need To Make Some Cot Sheets From A Fitted Sheet, How Do I Go About It?


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You should start by measuring the length and width of the cot, add on 50 cm to each, to allow for space to tuck it in. write these dimensions down.
Then take your sheet and measure it, fold it in half, and then measure out the dimension of the cot sheet, since you have doubled it you will have two of the same. Then cut the cot sheet out.
If you want them to be fitted, you also need a piece of elastic 20 cm long for each corner.So that is four, for each sheet.
Now start sewing a hem, by edging it first in a zig zag stitch, and then turning it over to about a 2cm hem, and sewing along the edge to make the hem.They are ready.
Then if you want to do the elasticated corners.
You need to pin them onto both sides of each corner equally,
and then sew on top of the elastic, stretching it as you go so it puckers up, and then can be stretched over the corner of the mattress of the cot.
That is it, now you have two cot sheets

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