How Can I Make An Easy And Quick Female Arabian Costume That Does Not Show My Midriff?


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The most popular image that springs to mind when we talk about 'female Arabian costumes' is the belly dancer/Princess Jasmine from Aladdin look.

Both of these unfortunately involve exposing the midriff, although there are some really easy ways to get around that problem:

Female Arabian Costume

If you want to have that exotic 'harem'

look without showing flesh, I'd recommend trying one of the following:

  • Use a sash to cover your midriff. A nice gold-colored sash will look elegant and interesting, but will also give your costume that Arabian feel you are looking for.
  • You could also try using a skin-color fabric underneath your top that will hide your midriff. This is a trick often used by Ice Skaters, and can be achieved simply using a thick pair of old stockings or tights.

Arabian outfit without the midriff Alternatively, you could opt to go for an entirely different image that combines the Arabian style with a distinct lack of midriff.

In most Arabian countries, women walking about exposing their midriffs is fairly uncommon, as religious beliefs mean that Arabian women actually spend a lot of their time covered up.

Nothing says 'covered up' more than the traditional Islamic outfit of the Burka or Niqab.

Another idea would be to go for a long, flowing Cleopatra-style gown. You could use a simple tunic-style design and then accessorize.
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Claire Pateman answered
I would take ice-skaters as my influence. They have extremely revealing costumes...or do they?! If you look closer you will see that a lot of their 'revealed flesh' is actually cleverly covered by flesh-coloured material. Many dancers use this technique too.

If you want to create the impression that you are wearing less than you actually are then you need to stitch some flesh-coloured material between your top and skirt. This will then be easy to slip on, as if it were a dress.

Your top can be made easily by cutting down a sparkly top to the required shape. Charity shops are great places for finding suitable tops and skirts that you can use. They are also fantastic for finding sparkly and glittery bits and pieces to stick onto your skirt and top. The emphasis should be on flowing shapes and sparkle.

Why not add the finishing touch to your illusion and glue a fake gem on to the area where your belly button would be, and really impress them!

If that all sounds too much like hard work and you have a cropped top already, then attach some tassels to the base to cover your midriff. The edging that you see on cowboy outfits is perfect.

Have fun!

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