How Do You Make A Toga Sheet?


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A toga is now worn as a popular costume at parties, be it in the dormitory of a college or at a Halloween costume party. However, the toga is a costume that originated in ancient Rome. It is the simplest costume to make, and requires just a bed sheet and some laurel leaves to make a basic toga.

The basic men's toga is made by wrapping the bed sheet once or twice horizontally around the waist and secured with safety pins. The remainder of the bedsheet is wrapped around both the shoulders and then tucked back into the waist or refastened using safety pins.

The basic women's toga is made by holding up two bed sheets lengthwise and folding the bed sheets sideways, so that it is not wider than the body of the wearer. It is then folded up to a foot shorter than the height of the person and secured with safety pins. The top two corners of both the folded bed sheets are taken and the rings of a shower curtain are slid over them, and pulled long enough for it to be tied into a knot. The sheets are then draped over the head and then fastened at the sides of the waist using safety pins. The neckline may or may not draped. A ribbon or belt is an optional accessory around the waist.

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