How Can You Shorten An A-line Skirt?


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A-line skirts as you would be aware create a slimming effect and lend shape and figure to the person wearing it. It would make the wearer look thinner and taller. There are different methods of making an A-line skirt and suits slightly plump and shorter people because it makes them look curvaceous, tall and thin. Trying to shorten an a-line skirt from below might destroy its shape unless handled by an expert. Hence this is a job for a professional.

There are books and websites which offer suggestions and tips on sewing and such related things. Maybe checking them out may give you an idea to shorten the a-line skirt. A easy technique is to simply fold it from above at the hips and hide the fold under a suitable top. Otherwise you can just give to a dressmaker and get it done from that person but ensure that this person is suitably skilled in the work and does not end up spoiling the cut and fitting of the skirt.

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