Should I Use Distilled Water To Wash My Face?


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Hello there,

Yes, I believe that it would be better if you use distilled
water to wash your face. Unlike tap water, it is free from chlorine and other
chemical substances that could be harmful to your skin. A few of its benefits are as follows: It will
detoxify, clear and add glow to your face.

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Yes! You definitely should. I go to college in an area completely different than where I grew up, and as a sophmore, I started to notice something really wrong. My skin would be perfect while I was at home, but the second I moved back up to school, all hell broke loose, and the second I came back home for a day or so, my skin would clear up almost instantly. 

I knew it wasn't the environment or pollution that was breaking me out because I go to school in the mountains, and I grew up on the out skirts of a really big city. So, after doing quit a bit of research on the topic (and maybe you should as well) and found out that hard water was what was causing my acne. Look up hard water geological maps and see if maybe that's your issue. If so, using distilled water, while annoying and sometimes inconvenient, will really help your skin out.

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No, you don't need that, just tap water is good enough. I think it would just be wasting your money to buy it to wash your face. Hope this helps.

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