ladies, i have my formal dress, its white with silver crystals around the waist and neck but i want to wear gold shoes with it, can i do that?


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Virginia Lou Profile
Virginia Lou answered

Dear Claire Claire,

There was a time when mixing gold and silver was not considered good taste...however, fashion is more flexible now.

* * *

Here is what I would do: Stand in front of a full-length mirror in your outfit, and you will then know if it works. If the gold overpowers the delicacy of your crystals and silver, that will be obvious.

However it may be your formal outfit is a stunning tapestry of white-crystal-silver embellished by subtle gold, which lights up the whole room and the whole evening.

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PJ Stein answered

Sometimes gold and silver work and then sometimes it doesn't. It really depends on the outfit and the shoes. If your shoes are delicate enough it might  work. As Virginia says, try it all on in front of a full length mirror and see how it looks.

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White or silver shoes with light gold 'highlights' would be pretty.

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