What is the last brave thing you've done ? Mine is I got 5 inches cut off my hair today  ... So I'm looking for small acts of bravery ;p my hair is still well  past my shoulders so really small acts of bravery :) I'm a freakin ' hero though ;) I like me :)


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

This is a heroic act on my part ! I baby sat my ex-wife when she was really sick ! That took courage ! I should have gotten a medal !

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I taught my teenage son how to drive a car. It was absolutely heroic but scary. That was in 1978 and it scared me so much I haven't done a single brave thing since then.

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You cut 5 inches off??!!  I've got nothing that would top that.  I have failed the lesson.

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PJ Stein answered

Oh! I get the hair cut thing! I have done that a few times. The most cut off at one time was when I was a junior in high school. I had hair so long I was almost sitting on it. I had it cut to just below my shoulders. I don't know who was more nervous about cutting it, me or the hairstylist. She kept asking me if I was sure. Even though I liked my new haircut I was is such a shock I didn't talk to anyone for 3 days!

As for a recent act of bravery, how about one I am about to do? I am ging to clean out my fridge on Monday. (Trash pickup is Tuesday.)

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Last week I read a Eulogy I wrote at the funeral of someone I love and respected.

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Hay now girl! That IS brave! I remember when I cut my hair..... Only time ever. It was down to my booty and I cut it right below my shoulders. NEVER again will I do that! I hated it! I know you look beautiful either way my friend!

Anyways to answer your question......

Does letting your children sit/play on a hospital floor count when you are a germaphobe? Now don't take me wrong. I have not completely jumped off of the band wagon! It's not like I let them eat off of the floor! O_O ......... And Grandpa is on the pediatric floor so you know....  Man I need some alcohol...... RUBBING ALCOHOL...... PURELL!!!!! HAND SANITIZER!!!!!!! HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!! Ok maybe I am not as brave as I thought! LOL!

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Just today, I ran into a burning building and rescued 37 children from their burning daycare center. Then I single handedly lifted a Cadillac that flipped on top of an old lady in a wheelchair. Right after lunch, I pulled 6 ducklings from a storm sewer drain and reunited them with their mother duck. I was just catching my breath when I saw a monk on fire in the middle of the park, after dousing him out with my water bottle, I went to the hospital and donated a kidney to a sick single mother of two kids.

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I saved my 3 friends and I from being mugged last year. I made the guy focus on me then maced his face and we ran for mall security

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