Why are some people so worried over their looks?


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A quote from Lemony Snicket http://imgur.com/Gj2EejD

The question should be, why shouldn't they? If appearance wasn't an issue, why would anyone wear a suit to an interview? Comb their hair? Trim their nose hairs? Pluck their nose hairs? Shape their eyebrows? Moisturize their skin? Exercise daily? Count their calories? Spend money on new clothes? Plan out their outfit? I mean, it would be perfectly fine to show up to a wedding in a Hawaiin shirt, cargo shorts, and sandals WITH SOCKS!

Your appearance says a lot about you given a small margin of error. You showed up to an interview covered in paint because on the way, a construction worker tipped over a pail of paint above the scaffolding which spilled all over you. But if you show up to an interview in a bikini, it can be concluded that you made the decision to do so.

Just like being morbidly obese can tell someone you lack self control, discipline, responsibility , and most likely constantly in a state of denial. The last one being the most detrimental to success in a team environment. I've had really bad experiences which I had to fire someone quite a few time. One which I remember really well was due to the extreme harassment of a new young female hire.

if  your hair was unkempt and your clothes wrinkly, one can assume how your work space is going to look like.

Just things like that.

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Including yourself I assume?

I don't hate fat people. I'm just stating from personal experience. The smartest people in the world work at companies with gyms and exercise facilities. Actually, I can't even think of a c-level around here that's morbidly obese. I don't think the board would allow cardiovascular disease to take out our key players.
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I don't think looks should be everything, but the way you look does matter. To what degree is debatable.

Our very biology means that we judge people based on their looks by instinct.

We're programmed to scan for potential mates, threats and friends, and this is a skill that has helped us survive on the planet for this long.

However, we do have the power of logic and reason, and we're capable of seeing people for much more than what they look like on first appearance.

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Hello, may I ask you something? ^^ Let's say you're looking to hire somebody, Kay? :3 Two people show up, one guy is in a suit, looks very nice, right? The other is a little underdressed, okay? Which one do you think has more potential? Upon glance, you'd take the guy in the suit, wouldn't you? (I would ;)...) but who knows? He may be a terrible worker, he may have wore that because he's trying way too hard (depending on the job). Idk basically, my point is, everyone judges based on looks, sometimes it may be in different cases but we all do it :o I'm not saying it's okay, it's just way of life, I guess.

I worry about my looks a lot. I guess it has to do with how people are nowadays >.< Like, people judge solely on looks, not everyone, there are some good people. There is a girl I know who is SUPER kind to everyone and people hate her because they say she is 'ugly' and 'fat' , that's kinda wrong.

If you're looking for a new friend, you tend to be lured by the people dressed like you but you could have nothing in common :3 I'm not sure what my point is anymore, I sorta rambled to you and I'm sorry..

Your appearance does say a lot about you. If someone dresses lazy, they will be seen that way... And so on >.> it's just a natural thing :)

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Because looks are everything in this world. Very shallow but its true.

I use to dress grubby and yucky (ugly sweatpants and baggy sweaters etc.)  because I had a lot going on and I didn't feel nice but now I dress better, I feel better, and I'm very embarrassed about how I use to dress.

I keep my hair neat, I make sure I have a shower and put on deodorant before I go out, I change my shirt if it gets stained up.

This morning while I was on the bus. Some  guy sat next to me. He smelt really bad, and his sweater and sweat pants were filthy (its hot outside and he said "I'm sweating like a pig".. Well no duhh, you have a sweater on and sweatpants) . He talked to me about computers the whole bus ride -_-

We have to take care of our looks in this world.

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Insecurities. Self consciousness. Ego. We all possess 3 of these attributes in some shape or form and they mould the way we think about our appearance.

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