What were some of the reasons for your tattoos? If you are a blank canvas, what would make you want one? Hubby and I were joking about putting "No Sulfa" on my chest.


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Jann Nikka answered

None. I'm too old now. But when I was younger I wanted a rose⚘ or butterfly.

No Sulfa, go with 🐢.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Unfortunately, mine were done when I was in the service and drunk as a skunk. Something to do on down time. Wasn't much else to do there. I look at some of them now and scratch my head ! LOL.

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I have an eagle flying past an orange sun, for patriotism.

Tiger on my right calf because it's cool.

On my right rib cage, I have the date of the doctors declaration that I'm cancer free. Next to the date, I get a checkmark tattoo for every year thereafter. It's my yearly celebration.

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My first one was when I was 18. Second at 19,third at 20 then I was done. I got them because I always looked up to my uncles and my grandfather on my mother's side. They each had a few so I figured I was gonna have some also. The one tattoo is a little more faded than the rest even though they were all done by the same artist. I have no regrets getting them but don't plan on getting anymore .

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dragonfly forty-six
Let me know if you do, I've known a few who have, and loved it. If your tattoo artist is still around, maybe?
Mountain  Man
Mountain Man commented
I'll let you know if I do Dragonfly. It would have to be from someone different now though because the artist is retired unfortunately.
dragonfly forty-six
Okay, sounds good. Sometimes artists run in families. Maybe there is a relative who took up the mantle.
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Well, the first one that I got was of a wolf howling at a full moon, it's on my chest and I got it when I was in nursing school when a bunch of us went on a whim. The second came a few years ago and is Japanese Kanji for soul mate on the back of my neck/upper back, the third more recently is on my inner wrist and is a Celtic knot (I'm Irish) with my favorite Italian saying L'amore bella (beautiful love) underneath.

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I have a tattoo of a dragon on the back of my neck. So does my friend. She has terminal cancer and we both thought it would be cool to show support for one another.

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I have none right now but surely will have some almost soon enough. I love tattoos, they are cool. And they are able to carry many weights of meanings with you.

They would be:

An American flag: Patriotism and passion for my country.

A logo and sentence designed by my mother: It's by our first names, and something she wrote by a language she invented, i asked her to create such idea for a tattoo. She did. I love her with no doubt, but we don't have a close relation. And i know this as a fact, she's been through hell but always had my back. Having something related to her gives me power and calmness.

Fences: This one has no particular meaning, just really love it! It'll gonna be cool in my opinion.

Linkin Park logo: It's a band that taught me many life lessons and saved me out of many circumstances. I grew up with them and so i need to honor them.

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