How do I make my hair shiny and silky and smooth? Pleases no eggs... I feel a bit ew! And I want something natural which doesn't cause hair breakage.


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You can use mayonnaise, not miracle whip, but mayonnaise. Just put it on your hair and cover it with a shower cap. Then rinse it out!

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Lard Ass
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Then mayonnaise is the only conditioning treatment that I've used, it did work for me.
Nice Girl
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hmmm ok thanks
KL Peterson
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Obviously after shampooing rinse your hair with cold water. Let your hair air dry, no blow dryer. A fine bristled brush also works better to get the silky look and feel.
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I've have read you can use anything from vinegar to yogurt to honey. When really a healthy diet rich in protein, veggies, fruit and lots of water is the key. To look good on the outside you need to feed the inside.

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Darling Divaa
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It works for me. How much time for what? To leave it in? A couple of minutes. How long does it last? Until my next shampoo.
Nice Girl
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2 mins ok I'll try my mom doesn't let me try such things. She says its stupid applying food items to your hair!
Darling Divaa
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Oh okay. Honey is good for so many different things and it's been around for thousands and thousands of years. Please let me know if you do try it (:

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