What's a good starting cologne for me, I'm 15 and know nothing.... I heard Polo makes some nice ones but any other not too pricey brands? Maybe one I could get at the mall?


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I've never worn perfume and, since I don't shave, I don't even use after shave lotion, but I'm big on deodorant.

When I was training for triathlon I used to alternate my running shoes so they didn't reek too much and then one day somebody put me onto the best foot-deodorant on the market. It's called Eau Dem Golden Slippers.

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I don't shave but I DO trim, so it doesn't get out of hand. But as for my tootsies and my axillae (we antipodeans are too classy for mere armpits) it pays to keep your distance. >:-)
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Chanel Bleu is heavenly. I have had many complements from females about it.

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