I am in real mess. Hair fall is becoming nightmare is there anybody who can help in finding finest and Professional hair extensions in London?


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Hey, you don't need to find a professional hair extension as it is more of a last resort. I may not be a girl but I have a friend who had this same problem as you before so I can kind of get what you are experiencing. Let me give you some tips on preventing hair loss:

- Try not to comb your hair while it is wet, dry or semi-dry your hair first before combing.

- Clean your combs weekly with a brush, soap and water as a dirty comb can actually lead to hair loss.

- A sulfate, silicone and paraben-free shampoo will go a long way compared to shampoos with harsh chemicals which increases your chance of hair breakage which leads to hair loss easily.

- Do not blow dry, iron or color your hair excessively.

- Most importantly, consume a healthy balanced diet as nutritional deficiencies can also lead to hair loss.

Now, I managed to find something which helped my friend to stop her hair loss once and for all, so hopefully it works for you too: Hair Loss Black Book

Best of luck!

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