Can You Go On Sunbeds After Botox?


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Not immediately afterward, no. First and foremost, doctors recommend that you don't even lie down for at least four hours after your injections, as this ensures that the Botox shifts as minimally as possible. Once you've cleared that four hour horizontal hurdle, then you should wait at least another 24 to 48 hours before laying back and soaking up some artificial sun.

Note that this is a precaution and many women have visited a sun bed shortly after their Botox injection without experiencing any undesirable side effects.

You may want to ask why you would want to use a sun bed at all. They're notoriously bad for your skin, and if you're already seeking Botox to smooth it, then the last thing you need to do is engage in an activity that will worsen its condition. Yes, you can always stop by for another round of Botox, but overdoing your treatments can have its own devastating effect on your appearance.

You shouldn't ignore what tanning can mean for your overall health, either. Though many people have claimed that using a sunbed is healthier than soaking up the sun's natural rays, citing the more "controlled" nature of sunbeds, the facts are far less favourable toward these devices. The UVA rays used in them are a carcinogen, and frequent sunbed visits can increase your risk of developing melanoma and non-melanoma cancers.

These risks are so extreme that some U.S. States are considering introducing legislation that will bar teenagers under the age of eighteen from using sunbeds.

This isn't to say that sunbathing is any healthier, mind. It has its own risks. The point I'm trying to make is that there are healthy alternatives to getting a natural tan, and if you want to maintain your skin's beauty, then you should probably look into safe tanning alternatives instead of rushing straight back to the sunbeds.
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Since Botox is designed to eliminate wrinkles, and since tanning beds  can cause wrinkles, it's probably a good idea to avoid tanning beds, especially after getting Botox injections.  Basically, with a Botox injections , you're stressing the skin, then a tanning bed just compounds that. If you're getting Botox for wrinkles on the eyes, mouth or neck, maybe consider a spray-on tan instead - but give it a few weeks at least.   With the cost of Botox injections running  $300-$600 per syringe it's not a good idea to do anything that might compromise them, or create even more laugh lines or crow's feet.

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