I want to become fair as fast as possible, can you tell me some natural tips?


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Jeysi Sicat answered

Lemon juice was really natural and working.

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Kanika Soni answered

1. 30-minute workout every morning

Regular exercise results in proper blood circulation throughout the body. It is the best way to boost your look and energy level and feel more refreshed. Soon after you wake up, add 30 minutes workout every morning to get a healthy and naturally glowing face.

2. Clean your face with skin restoring face wash

It is important to wash your face using mild skin restoring face wash at least twice a day. Gentle massage by applying light pressure to your face using skin restoring facial wash helps remove impurities from the skin surface, improve the blood circulation and makes the skin glow. It is the best way to balance and repair the skin every day. Don’t forget to remove your makeup and wash your face in the same routine before you go to bed.

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