I Need Help Translating The Phrase "Live Laugh Love" Into As Many Languages As Possible. I Want To Get It As A Tattoo And I Don't Want To Be In Boring English... Can You Help?


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live = 生活,人生
laugh = 笑
love = 爱
Live - Zhu
Laugh - Xiao
Love – Ai
Ikiru. Warau. Aisuru.
(生きる. 笑う. 愛する)
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يعيش الحب الضحك

Live smijati ljubav

Živá láska smích

Live grine Love

Live rire amour

Live lachen Liebe

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The translation of " Live Laugh Love" in French is Live rire amour. In Bulgarian it is На живо смея любовта. In Croatian, it is Live smijeh Ljubav.

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